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About the storage conditions of valve control type lithium battery before installation

by:Vglory      2020-08-30
By the electrochemical reaction inside all lithium battery can cause self-discharge, therefore, a perfect thing from the date of shipment of the initial charging time should not more than six months, in before the end of the storage time, deal with initial all batteries, lithium batteries are stored in each time interval ( Less than 6 months) Should be again all batteries, battery will accelerate in the higher storage temperature environment self-discharge, when the temperature increased from 25 degrees every 10 degrees, initial/again are charging time interval for three months, more than once when sound insulation store without charging appropriate measures, will damage the battery performance and shortened life spans, the lithium battery has failed to make appropriate initial all batteries will affect battery performance and life of making lithium battery in the normal warranty expires.
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