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About the standards of lithium ion battery at home and abroad

by:Vglory      2020-09-23
As lithium ion battery in the aspects of material and design technology improvement and development, its application scope expanding, the parameters of the corresponding more and more is also high. To a certain extent safety is inversely proportional to the weight of the lithium ion battery, so with the emergence of large power lithium ion, the safety index also attaches great importance to international. Development of lithium ion battery technology, it is necessary to solve the problem of security, lithium ion battery under the condition of normal use is usually safe, industry focused mainly under the condition of misuse or abuse of how to ensure safety. Battery in the process of abuse due to thermal response is not spread in time within the battery thermal runaway, the phenomenon such as leak, rupture, fire happens. In order to ensure the lithium ion battery, Lithium battery, portable power station) Electrochemical and physical safety performance, the domestic and foreign authoritative organizations have developed all kinds of lithium ion battery safety testing standards. International standards abroad lithium ion battery, Lithium battery, portable power station) Standard system is mainly composed of the following three kinds of standard: 1, the international standard. Such as the international electrotechnical commission ( IEC) Organization, the international air transport association (iata) empty ( ICAO) , the United Nations ( UN ) Set by the international organizations such as the international standard. Currently, the main international standards on lithium ion battery is given priority to with IEC standard, moreover also has the relevant standards, some of these are shown in table 5 - 4. 2, the standards of the state or region. Such as the Japanese industrial standards committee ( JISC) , the American standards association ( ANSI) , the British standards institution ( BSI) , German standardization association ( DIN) Such as formulated by the national standard and the European organization for standardization ( CEN / CENELEC) Standards for the European region ( EN standards) And so on. Foreign national and regional standards on lithium ion batteries are mainly Japan JIS standards, United States ANSI, German DIN, British BS standards and European EN standards, etc. , are shown in table 5 - 5. 3, a standard standard setting bodies. Such as the American institute of electrical and electronics engineers ( IEEE) , the us insurer test ( UL) Battery industry, Japan will ( JBA) And other industries to make standard. Such as the IEEE 1625 - 2008 ( Mobile computing device with multiple batteries rechargeable battery standard ', the United States insurance association standard laboratory ULI642 JBA, UL2054, Japan battery association standard 'secondary his battery safety evaluation guidelines'. Domestic current lithium ion battery safety standard or specification product with safety regulations part listed in the following: 1, GB/T 18287 - 2000 'specification for the cellular phone always with lithium ion batteries; 2 GB / T 19521。 11 - 2005 'group of dangerous goods dangerous lithium ion test safety regulations; 3、GB/Z 18333. 1 - 2001 'electric road vehicles with lithium ion battery'. 4,1268码。 l - 2003 'mobile handset lithium battery safety requirements and test methods. 5、SJ/T 11169- 1998 'standard of lithium battery' ( eqv UL1642 : 1995 ) ; 6、QB / T 2502 - 2000 'standard of lithium ion battery total'; 7,QC / T 743 - 2006 'electric vehicles using lithium-ion battery'; 8、SN / T 1414。 3 - 2004 the import and export of battery safety testing method part 3: lithium ion battery '. 9日,GB / T 24533 - 2009 'lithium ion battery graphite anode materials class'; 10 GB / T 22084 - 2008 'containing alkaline or other non acidic electrolyte battery and battery pack a portable sealed battery and battery safety requirements: pending approval of lithium ion battery safety standards or specification product with safety rules are: 1, GB/T 18287 - 201 x 'mobile phone use generic code file ion battery and battery. 2、SJ/T xxx- 200 x portable computer system for mobile power supply general specification. The first standard of GB/T l8287 - 2000 revision of the standard, is suitable for mobile phone use lithium ion battery: the second standard applies to laptops use lithium ion battery. More related information about lithium battery, portable power station reference the method of prolonging the service life of the lithium battery, portable power station'
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