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About lead, lithium battery and lithium battery forklift forklift 'Wolf tiger'

by:Vglory      2020-09-14
Forklift lithium-ion batteries have been in the mechanical power market occupies a dominant position, there is no doubt that, for many years, the development of making technology field, it is difficult to have new breakthrough, whether imported or domestic brands, quality technology push to mature, and also more transparent, look now and in the next decade, believe or in the occupancy of lead acid lithium battery forklift series, in recent years, the rise of electronic devices have great application in each domain, especially for power battery, in the auto sector, open source, country a large number of new ideas, new energy subsidies, make li-ion battery power battery moment was born, in the domestic large number of mobile devices, electric cars, ships, electric motorcycle; widely used, such as for industrial vehicles, people more due lightweight, powerful lithium electricity, lithium battery can now lead in battery all-powerful market for many years, nature has a great about him. Lead China is the world's largest producer of lithium-ion batteries. Lead lithium batteries because of its safety, convenience and reasonable price by the market and the vast majority of consumer recognition. But its shortcomings are also very clear that under the same capacity, the battery weight and volume are much larger than the lithium battery. And short service life of lithium-ion batteries have been lead a flaw. Look at lithium batteries, although the trend over the last two years lithium-ion batteries, but lithium batteries cost is higher, low cost now lead lithium battery is still the mainstream. And the most controversial is the safety of lithium-ion batteries, in the case of the recent, the United States and Thailand has refused to carry the lithium battery balanced car events, it is not hard to see that the development of the lithium battery has blocked, relatively at present, domestic and international application of li-ion battery is still in research, to explore the direction of the technology step by step, although there have been a lithium battery forklift manufactures the product to the market, but because of high scientific research funds and the cost of the li-ion battery materials, lithium battery forklift can't mass to the market, believe that before long, in industrial machinery market, lithium battery and lithium battery forklift forklift lead must have a 'Wolf tiger'. News from the shenzhen power supply co. , LTD. : newshow. asp吗? nid=660& lid=83
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