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About how to use the lithium-ion batteries

by:Vglory      2020-07-04
Teach how to use the lithium electricity, and a lot of, also more professional. However, professional thing, sometimes on the contrary don't give too conclusive or directly operating results, so still many people ask about battery problems. A, the inert and activate the: Lithium batteries and not legendary 'memory', but there is a strong 'inertia'. Normal manufacturer of battery, such as original battery, before they leave the factory, are activated, can use directly. The problem is when buy a hand, mobile phone battery has a long time no use, inert will affect battery use. This is the quite unified parlance, how should differences appeared in operation. Tradition says, is the 'use to power exhausted; then filling automatic shutdown twelve and fourteen hours, many will be so sell pin staff explained. But the new claims that is not necessary, and manual usually only wrote: 'battery after three times the normal filling process, can achieve best put state'. This means that, before three times as long as not necessarily to use power running full automatic shutdown, especially, need not filling twelve hours. About these two arguments, I am understand it. The second theory think filling twelve hours, not was necessary completely, and overcharge will affect battery service life. But in fact, we battery may pass through five times the normal use rechargeable put cycle still, I think everyone will usually also did not use such levels begin preparations for the change cellular phone, so don't worry about battery life. Without filling twelve hours before they leave the factory, is based on batteries have activated, do not need to take special measures. As mentioned, activation of the battery, and placed a period of time, inert and produced. On this point, the second kind of saying no positive reply. So I think, if you don't care too much about service life, and care about standby time, or to be on the safe side, filling twelve hours is wonderful. However, care must be taken, must use mobile phones to rush continuously, and not with seat charger. Cell phone battery is said to have protection. The second is that if full of electricity, protection makes cut off power supply, filling is BaiChong. But I think, since it is the BaiChong, that still possess! Of course, mobile phone charger, and with shutdown filling. Second, usually use. Previously, if the phone is charging, no deplete power is made big fear. This is the so-called 'memory'. But lithium battery is no 'memory'. For a day or two can use up the battery, or cell phones, who play machine can shutdown businesspeople, at any time charging is a good choice, but also helps to prolong battery life. As evidence of this statement, which is represented by samsung phones in many connected to computers automatically start after charging. If the battery is memory, so this kind of practice is stupid on top of the world. Everybody's mobile phone will often connected to computers, video download resources or export picture, it doesn't mean in murder batteries? Since manufacturers such design, illustration of battery can always charging, is confident. However, there are many people who said, charging process can be interrupted, i.e. charging must fill. The reason is simple 'if the interrupt, oneself go check voltage!' I am not very understanding, dilettante. But if the phone even as a laptop and could not finish filling, just pull it out again, electric is usually finished pull out again. This statement, also seems to account for hold water. Now many phones support hot swaps memory card, or no adopt data interface and the practice of charging interface merger. Is combined, then can interrupt at any time to be charged; No merger, cannot interrupt at any time, and I'm not charging too clear. I used 2 samsung, are connected to a computer for a while and then pull out, do not wait until charging end up again like a short time, the battery isn't any change. So, always charging is no problem, also have no estimate differences. Interrupt charging, everyone still can avoid it's free. If want to interrupt, but also need not too entanglements, damage should not too. Three, seat charger and universal charger Universal charger harm, you must have all know, need not say anymore. Seat charger? Allegedly good seat charger can also, bad seat charger not stable and will play and everything as filling the hazards. So everybody with mobile phone as possible, it is the most insurance rush. However, many people have a spare battery. If there is no seat charger, a spare battery also has no value. In order to guarantee not damage the battery and security, or suggest you buy batteries, match a charger. The best is the so-called 'suits'. Many people will buy more a piece of original battery to do spare, this is a bit of luxury original battery very expensive. But the original chargers, it was very expensive. If you bought the original battery, had better match an original charger. Anyhow, keep the battery and charger is a set of, it is wise to. Moreover, the original battery, mobile phones that don't use no matter how best to seat charger is charging. Believe you also not too busy to find two hour charging! Four, about business electricity and original electricity First say a insider right, I have a business friends (I am bank), is a large battery enterprise, he told me, for all of their phones are production the battery, different mobile phone battery, industrial standard parameters, there's a big difference, of course, cost and price also have very big difference. So, different cell phone battery, even shows as the capacity, actual performance will also has the very big disparity. This means that normal lithium electricity production enterprise, can produce and original battery has the same quality of the battery, and even better it could be possible. But at the same time, because of the original battery price is far higher than other battery, so it is difficult to request battery production enterprise, which will take the standards with the original battery in ordinary battery. They will reduce standard in order to reduce costs. And from economics point of view, the original battery represents the phone manufacturers prestige, while ordinary battery only represent the battery manufacturer of credibility. Who's reputation more valuable, who will be more mindful of his reputation, use a higher standard, not be clear at a glance? As for professional view, original battery more suitable for mobile phones, and business electricity to poor little saying, I'm not a professional, will not be evaluated. Predictably, business electricity is definitely industrial standard, than the original electric poor. So, we must pay attention to and the original electricity even almost business cell standby time, and don't when the original electricity use. In order to mobile phones and their own security, or more love. Especially USES period of time, if feel battery aging, or change new right, don't hurt mobile phones or produce any danger you uneconomic. Also need not very despised business battery, after all, now have some brand battery, also have certain scale and brand value, at least in the practicability, or can do a. If feel absolutely original battery and charger is too expensive, choose more cost-effective business battery, or bargain.
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