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About how to prolong life of electric vehicle battery?

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
According to the current amount of electric car ownership has topped 400000 in hefei, which this year ( 2009). In the first half of the hefei new electric cars about 80000 vehicles, apparently: electric vehicles has become the most important means of transportation travel! But the power source of the electric vehicles, electric vehicle batteries vulnerability is great, let's look at a set of data: according to hefei battery network for nearly a year after installation battery recycling the old battery test statistics, 1000 pairs of old batteries, batteries in up to 636 groups of different degrees of bulge deformation; There are 312 battery phenomenon (single or two behind Is a set of batteries in one or two broken) ; The remaining 52 battery belong to normal aging. Analyze the above this set of data: the first case, namely the bulge deformation mostly took a year to a year and a half, which accounts for 63. 6%; The second single or two behind mostly within two years, accounting for more than 31. 2%; Whereas most of the normal aging took more than two and a half years, and even some USES for three years or four years, only five. 2%. The bulge deformation of battery is irreparable, can only change; Single or two behind, can leave behind The damaged) Battery in better old batteries, still can continue to use more than half a year, some may use more than one year; Normal aging though because is negative to soften, plate severe sulfide and other reasons beyond repair, but in three years, is worth it. According to above analysis conclusion: if learn some common sense for reasonable use, maintenance, electric vehicle batteries, so it's normal for a group of cells with two or three years. In the next section I'll tell you how to use and maintenance can prolong the life of electric vehicle batteries. How to prolong the life of electric vehicle battery according to the analysis of three kinds of circumstances, we should know to avoid the battery bulge deformation, in the event of a single behind only spend a small amount of price can effectively prolong the life of the battery, so how to do, actually very simple, well it is ok that the following points: one, as far as possible when changing battery replacement big brand battery, choose big brand battery after-sales guaranteed, the quality relative will be more stable; Second, the faulty charger itself will be charged, fever, shorten the electric vehicle battery life, suggest matching brand charger; Third, as far as possible not to battery electric vehicle with the recharging, such as the battery is in a state of loss of electricity, has damage to the battery life, usually used battery can be charged half; Four, electric vehicle battery charging time is better to 48 hours, usually not more than 10 hours, using the timer can effectively control the charging electric vehicle battery charging time; Five, the electric car battery charging, the charger when the green light said battery storage capacity has reached more than 90%, after turn green again floating at most 2 hours; Six, avoid by all means is overloaded speeding, speeding overload when the battery is large current discharge, harm the battery plate will, affect the service life of the battery; Seven, if electric conductor time need not, need to remove the battery and charge, complement once every half a month, back to also should be fully charged when using; Eight, electric car is best stored in indoor, avoid sharp, charging to avoid high temperature exposure. Nine, the user feel don't turn a green light, rechargeable battery hot, line continuation mileage should contact when the problem such as a sudden drop cell network, according to the professional advice to take corresponding measures. Ten, battery used in six months or so, should be to my place to test battery capacity, if less than 60% or damage to the battery capacity can be free replacement a new set of batteries, warranty time postpone! When the battery out at about 12 months, should to my place to test battery capacity, if the capacity is less than 50% or damage to the battery can be free replacement battery necessary for a set of after-sales service! If a battery in 12 months of the second test there is no problem, then we will to maintenance of batteries, to extend the service life of the battery!
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