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', 'a way of solving the battery energy storage' sharp '?

by:Vglory      2020-11-02
Daily life common silk socks, in the hands of scientists has become the 'weapon' to solve the problem of battery energy storage. Recently, reporters learned from cas DianGongSuo, ipp Chen Yong her team successfully developed a kind of key components' silk stockings' as a battery of lithium ion flow battery. Such 'silk stockings' what is the magical about batteries? In 2010, Chen Yong her when engaged in traditional lithium-ion battery research, feeling the lithium battery has some disadvantages as large megawatt energy storage equipment, which is negative is fixed, 'battery group life and safety of existing problem, and the cost is too high'. The flow is the cathode of the battery electrolyte circulating flow, when applied to large scale energy storage cost is low. 'at that time I was thinking, can put the lithium battery and combined the advantages of each flow battery, the development of a new energy storage battery, realize the output power and energy storage capacity of independent each other. 'after several attempts, Chen Yong her puts forward the concept of lithium ion flow battery. More than 3 years, Chen Yong her team's research has made significant progress. Through trial and error, I have invented a collector based on battery internal resistance decoupling design train of thought of innovation, can reduce the battery polarization resistance, so as to improve the power density of batteries. This design is a world first. 'Chen Yong her said proudly. However, this innovative design requires a is known as' porous set fluid of the key components involved in battery energy storage and release again and again. 'in theory, porous fluid must be as thin as possible, at the same time of complete electronic conductivity, must also have enough pore allows quick in lithium ion. 'after repeated comparison of more than 10 kinds of porous materials, the team found the answer in the stockings. The main components of the 'silk stockings for polyamide ( Commonly known as nylon) , has the rich elastic porous structure, the thickness of the thin but high strength, and corrosion resistance of the electrolyte, after impregnation conductive paste into the ideal porous set fluid materials. With filar socks materials made of batteries, power density increased an order of magnitude, is originally lithium ion flow battery power density of more than 10 times. 'Chen Yong her said, what is more important than other materials, silk stockings material is cheap, so the battery costs are greatly reduced. 'new energy storage technology can achieve scale application, the cost is the key. At present, we are continue to optimize this new type of battery, is expected to be two or three years time, the 'silk stockings' battery will gradually into the practical phase. About five years later, the new energy storage equipment estimate can be large-scale application in the field of new energy. 'Chen Yong her said, low-cost energy storage battery technology will enter a new development era.
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