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A standard cycle of lithium battery forklift

by:Vglory      2020-09-10
Lithium battery forklift is main components of the logistics industry, the development of the cycle, less logistics handling efficiency will be greatly reduced, and we see everyday is internal-combustion forklift, this with diesel forklift, environmental pollution, waste gas emissions, in the future will be replaced by electric forklift, traditional lithium battery forklift steering system adopts mechanical or hydraulic power steering. Mechanical steering defect is: operating force is big, the operator fatigue; It's a waste of energy and the shortcomings of hydraulic power steering. The use of electronic steering control force not only small, and than hydraulic power steering energy saving about 25%. At present, electronic power steering system mainly has two kinds: one kind of position feedback for electronic power steering system, Jungheinrich company, anhui forklift group company's products adopted the electronic power steering system; Another kind of electronic power steering system for torque feedback, Linde, TCM products of the company adopted the electronic power steering system. The current lithium battery forklift industry lack of binding the national standard, is one of the root of the disorder in the battery. Quite a number of battery manufacturers to insufficient attention to safety, production level and there is a big gap with the international giants and cost factors restricting the development of Chinese battery industry. Battery enterprises in our country faces many difficulties, for which the Chinese battery industry association will actively guide enterprise adjust the product structure, to develop in the direction of diversification; And enterprise should strengthen the innovation of technology, process and equipment, improve the utilization rate of raw materials, and improve the utilization rate of resources and reduce as much as possible because of rising raw materials brought about by the adverse effect; Actively to improve production technology, accelerate the pace of backward production capacity, transformation, as soon as possible to the production of high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving battery direction, to promote sustained development of battery industry in domestic, lithium battery forklift standard and foreign standard far, of course the price also has certain gap, our country should provide traction lithium battery standard cycle as soon as possible. In today's industrial sector, as a more traditional forklift battery products, lead-acid batteries do exist some disadvantages, one of the deadly problem is low energy density, weight, battery is not suitable for civilian vehicles; But because the weight of insufficient for forklift have very good balance effect, and is suitable for industrial vehicles. But for scrap battery recycling problem also nots allow to ignore, it is a big obstacle in the development of lead-acid batteries in the future. Abroad, because of the pollution problem of lead-acid battery, all countries follow strict control laws and regulations, and implement recycling, specialist treatment; Now, the Chinese government on environmental protection and there is no clear stipulation, still can continue to sell after a lot of lead-acid battery in scrap; As the battery supplier, has no right to take measures to supervise the user for the processing of lead-acid batteries. News came from:
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