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A lot of parents do not want to sell online children's

by:Vglory      2020-06-12
First, the stroller bought a new motor did not respond how? Why is the red power did not respond? This problem is because the stroller is all original products from the factory, without unpacking from this can also check the seller moved in hands and feet, in order to protect the battery's durability and motor manufacturers from the loss would be the positive power supply connected to red connector to separate, so parents should follow the guidance of the manual is correct at the time of purchase assembled car. Second, the stroller battery how maintenance can be longer? The service life is long? Parents assembled stroller, more than 12 hours to charge the car's power until after fully charged the battery fully discharge, is in the stroller fast when there is no electricity and then a second charge, after three charge-discharge cycles, each subsequent charge only need to charge more than eight hours. There is must take the baby does not play when the electric car switch and remote switch off, if time does not play, it is best to power the thread pulled out every other month on one charge, in such circumstances. The battery life can be maintained around 2012. Third, Taobao to buy children's electric cars how shipping it? Transportation safety is unsafe? Ma does not trouble? Because tongche body is relatively large, so for safety, are split on a large cardboard box inside a bubble protection box so do not worry about security issues in the transport process. Transportation do not have to worry about the courier industry now covers a very broad, general city will send the car door, should the outlying towns, you can choose EMS logistics, directly to the local post office, pick up at their doorstep is very convenient. Today, for the time being this point, and later continue to sum to collate some tips, as well as the solution to the problem encountered in the course.
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