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by:Vglory      2020-06-23
If you want to do everything by yourself without a commercial company, you are going to need to be acquainted with all components that constitute the solar generator system. Each has a significant function: 1. Solar Panel - In the market today there are 3 main types of panels: mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline and amorphous. These panels are available in different sizes and shapes...therefore the first time you shop for photovoltaic panels it can get a little confusing. To make things less complicated, you ought to get the help of the salesperson to give you the cost per-watt of the various panels. This magic number is going to be of assistance to you to make a first-cut choice even before you consider lifespan and quality. If the numbers can't convince you, it's most likely not suitable. 2. Battery - The electricity produced by your solar energy panel will be retained by the battery. To store the required power you need during the night, or when there is insufficient sunlight a few accumulators can be connected together. Component like this is important for off-grid systems because this is the only source of power available when there is absence of sunlight. On top of battery supply, you ought to have a spare generator to support you with power. If the sun fails to shine for extended periods, you can stay at ease by making use of a backup generator's supply. 3. Charge controller - The function of this component is to help the batteries to charge and discharge as it should be. It as well stops them from charging too much. From time to time, you can as well get a model that is equipped with battery temperature control. Feature of this type can help make the battery last longer. Charge controller from companies of good reputation is going to frequently protect your battery from voltage fluctuations also. 4. Inverter - The basic function of the inverter is to converts direct current (DC) input into alternating current (AC) output needed for household application. An inverter that is more than capable of converting all the power you ever need is one you must choose. If you decide to construct your solar power generator in phases, your inverter must factor the final design into consideration. Or else the load is going to overpower the inverter. The components above can be purchased easily. Just by connecting them together with the right kind of wires, you can build for yourself a basic homemade solar power generator that can cut down your energy bills forever!
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