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72volt 70ah For Ebike Ev 20ah 72v 18ah Li-ion Oem Odm Electric Motorcycle Lithium Ion Battery Pack

72volt 70ah For Ebike Ev 20ah 72v 18ah Li-ion Oem Odm Electric Motorcycle Lithium Ion Battery Pack

72volt 70ah For Ebike Ev 20ah 72v 18ah Li-ion Oem Odm Electric Motorcycle Lithium Ion Battery Pack

72volt 70ah For Ebike Ev 20ah 72v 18ah Li-ion Oem Odm Electric Motorcycle Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Product description

18650 lifepo4 lithium ion battery 48v 60v 72v 20ah 30ah 40ah 50ah 60ah electric motorcycle battery pack

Model Motorcycle Battery lithium battery
Chemistry Li-ion battery cell 
Nominal Voltage 60v 72v
Rated Capacity 20ah 30ah 40ah 50ah 60ah 80ah 100ah
Battery Weight 12 kgs
Max Constant Discharge Current ≤ 25A or custom 
Standard Charge Current ≤ 5A~10A or custom 
Continuous Discharge Current  ≤ 10A or custom 
Rated charged Voltage 62.9V (3.7V per cell)
Overcharge cut off voltage 71.4V( 4.2V per cell)
Discharge cut off voltage 51v
Way of Charge CC/CV(Constant Current / Constant Voltage)
Cycle Life >1000 times (80% of initial capacity at 0.2C rate)
Charge Temperature 0~45℃ 60±25%R.H.
Discharge Temperature -20~55°C 60±25%R.H.
Storage temperature -0~35°C 45-75% R.H.
Charging Time (Std.) 4~5hours
Charging Time (Max.) 2~3hours



Vglory lithium ion batteries are designed under critical the harsh and critical circumstances .our lithium battery can withstand deep discharge, wide temperature variations, mechanical and electrical abuses and always stand with excellent and reliable performance over a long period.

The high reliability, lower cost , long lifespan and no pollution operation ,which are good replacing lead-acid batteries in a wide range of applications : energy power storage systems , oem / odm electric motorcycle lithium ion battery pack, lifepo4 battery , 72v 18ah li-ion battery pack,electric scooter battery , for ebike/ev 72v 20ah li-ion battery pack , forklift battery , ev battery etc .

The Stable BMS system protect well the battery all the time which ensure the perfect performance.

Excellent processing


Our engineer pay much attention on each steps ensure to design the best battery solutions for our clients , we care each details during the battery processing: elegent structure , steady welding etc . which ensure to provide our clients with the best safety performance & best lifespan battery packs


Clients Feedbacks




We have developed the NEW solution for Super high-speed E-Motorcycle ( 72v25ah at 4C discharge rate 100A ; 72v50ah at 4C discharge rate 180A ) , welcome inquiries !


If you not found battery here you want , pls JUST send your inquiry , we will REPLY you  quickly with the best solution ! Give you the SURPRISE !


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Our Projects

Our successful projects such as ESS storage energy system , household solar system ,commercial solar system , ev battery ,  agv applications , golf carts etc . vglory professional engineer team have more than 10years experiences in lithium battery field and R&D can custom any best lithium battery solutions per request which is good replacement for lead-acid battery , etc .

--- Welcome Contact us NOW !  if you have any requirement for the battery , our engineer will custom the best solutions for you ! --- 




 Widely applications : Enteray storage system , communication base station , electric golf carts battery, electric scooter battery , electric skateboard, lithium motorcycle battery , e-tricycle  e-forklift, e-tourist vehicle , cleanness car, tourist car(E-Tour Car),electric rickshaw, electric wheelchairs, mower  ETC . 

Company Information


Vglory battery company is professional in producing ,   researching & marketing in Lithium battery , with professional engineer team with more than 10years experiences ,

Our lithium battery widely apply for Electric bike , Electric Motorcycle , Medical Device , power tools , solar sytem and OEM service ,All batteries are manufacturing stictly accordingly to ISO9001-2008 , equipped with advanced equipments and testing machine; contact us , our high quality and competitive price will supprised you . 

Advanced Equipments

Advanced Automatic Equipment ensure the excellent battery pack processing :

Our lithium battery pack win super long cycle lifespan , high charge & discharge rate , high energy density, super stable performance and safety in different temperature environments .We pay much attention on each steps which ensure providing our client with the senior quality battery pack .  which gained high reputations among our clients ! 


Battery cells capacity sorting : ensure the precision of cell balance as ensure assembled the best capacity and quality of battery pack .

Battery cells IR testing : Undertaking internal resistance testing ensure the best consistency for the best battery pack combination .

Battery pack multi testing: which ensure the best power performance and prolong lifespan of battery pack .

Automatic Welding : which can avoid insufficient welding as ensure the high quality battery pack assembling .

Spot Automatic welding :By using full / semi-automatic production equipment to improve production efficiency and product’s quality .

Comprehensive Testing : Using automatic test equipment , comprehensive test of large batteries , cycles , IR, consistency , accurate data , perfect curve , ensure 100% qualified


Professional Team Works

Professional Engineer team :

Own an excellent engineer team with more than 10years’ rich experiences in lithium battery R&D , design the excellent battery solution for clients ! Our mechanical and electrical engineer is professional in structural , software and hardware , which ensure our battery pack comply with most competitive cells , battery pack and BMS solutions with the advanced lithium technology .


--- If your have any questions , any inquiry , pls kind contact us for the best solutions and the latest quotations ! ---

                                                ... WELCOME YOU ... !


Good Raw material supply chain : built a long-term business relationship with the well-known IC and battery cells companies ; 

Super long warranty: 3 year warranty , all battery is combined with A grade battery cell that ensure the good quality lithium battery ,

Quick prodution&delivery :get production ready quickly . normally 7days~15days .

QC checking : ensure 100% testing passed .

Professional Logistic team : arrange shipment asap once ready . by air or express ,by sea per instructions !

Global exihitions : Well attrached global clients for the best battery solutions inquiries !.



Excelent Service : reply within 24 hours . Good quality and competitive price , quick shipment … Helping customers to win the good satisfactions and good business !

Factory competitive price : Welcome you contact us for the best latest price !!!

This product is widely recognized in the market for its good economic benefits. This product is able to provide a high current density. Due to its significant economic return, the product is becoming more and more important and widely used. This product is able to provide a high current density.
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