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700w Portable System Power Solar Lithium Battery Unit 700wh Electrical Panel Box
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Product Parameters

That guarantee us to supply most competitive cells , battery pack and BMS solutions with advanced lithium technology . 

powerful emergency 700w portable 220v off grid solar battery power generator lithium system
Item :Specifications :
Model :700wh power solar generator
Rated capacity :700w 700wh camping solar generator
Standard capacity :693Wh best solar generator
Overload protection:730±20W
AC output :110V±10%/60HZ;220V±10%/ 50HZ
Output Wave :Pure Sine Wave
USB output :QC3.0/18W
Cigarette lighter output :12V/10A
DC 5521 output :12V5A
Wireless charging :6W
Charging input Voltage :12-24V
Working temperature :-10-40°C
Weight(Net weight) :≈5.5kg
Weight(with accessories):≈6.5kg
Dimension :290*194*200mm

Product Description

Vglory Portable Solar Generator produce clean , environment-friendly, quiet solar energy electricity which convert from sun directly , safely and best of all saves money ! The Portable solar generator is very convenience for emergency and outdoor activities .


  • Environmental friendly : solar energy is pure green , no any carton footprint emission , no any other harmful substances by-products created , no any other negative impacts which cuased from standard fossil fuel ,oil etc . 
  • solar electricy is generated at a quite & clean way which not like fuel generators . 
  • Variety multi-function charging way : compatible to 5V USB DC port charging for phones , 12V DC output lighting charging as well AC output  ;   
  • All-In-One Power Station: on-line UPS for outdoor or indoor charged by Solar / AC outlet / Car Cigarette with  AC &  DC12V & USB ports 




VGLORY lifepo4 portable power station 100W 330W 500W 700W 1000W 1500W 

LED PanelSuper Brightness LED Panel


 Extreme Compact Powerful Design

Buit-in Battery

 100% A Grade Lithium battery 

Cycle life 

 above 800times

Charging Mode 


Operation Humidity



 Perfect MPPT function  


 1 Year

Various Colour 

 Red , orange ,yellow , green , blue ,purple

Power Indicator

 LED Display 

Protection type

 Intelligent BMS selif-balancing system

Cooling function

Intelligent Cooling system

Full ProductionsShort Circuit , Overload, over charge ,over current ,over voltage, over discharge,over temp protections,Anti-protections

Product Details

Our ac dc portable power battery win super long cycle lifespan , high charge & discharge rate , high energy density,

super stable performance and safety in different temperature environments .

We pay much attention on each steps which ensure providing our client with the senior quality 

Convenient carry ac dc 330w 500w 1000w 1kw portable solar power station systems

Elegant Portable Generator Features

Battery cells capacity sorting

Automatic cell grading sorting ensure the precision of cell balance as ensure the best capacity and quality of battery pack

Battery cells IR & multi testing

Undertaking internal resistance testing ensure the best consistency of best quality battery pack , as ensure best power performance and prolong lifespan of battery pack

Automatic Welding machine

Which can avoid insufficient welding as ensure the high quality battery pack assembling . which can improve production efficiency mostly

Comprehensive Testing

Using automatic test equipment , comprehensive test of large batteries , cycles , IR, consistency , accurate data , perfect curve , ensure 100% qualified

Automatic sticker machine

The processing of assembly the barcode of batteries can record the capacity , voltage , power , production time , and production batch for easier trace in the future

Package design

Our professional engineer will design the strong package for lithium battery which ensure the safety transportation of lithium battery , which would avoid severe vibrating, impacting , extrusion , and direct light and rain

Component Advantage

High quality Standard of Vglory Battery

Our high quality Lithium battery Features 



 The top of the portable camping generator is designed as a wireless charger that means you can use our portable power station as a wireless charger to recharge your mobile phone .

Our world is heavily dependent on non-renewable energy sources like coal, oil, natural gas. These are used in a variety of applications like transport, electricity etc. Global Warming is one of the results of using these non renewable energy resources.

Product Application

Vglory portable power station generator has powerful functions ,it is powerful to recharge smartphone , Floodlight , Tablet,

Perfect mobile power station for home, travel ,camping, holiday lights ,CPAP machine ,laptop, cameras, drones ,  GPS,  computers etc .

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