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3 tons forklift lithium battery matching scheme

by:Vglory      2020-09-05
80 v / D - 500 HELI forklift batteries is force large-tonnage electric forklift dedicated lithium-ion batteries, with 3 ton forklift and 560 ah, more common is 80 v/D500AH, consists of only 2 40 v monomer battery, the capacity is 500 ah, has the very strong output current, is suitable for large object moving forklift, 'HELI' brand has won the 'China forklift first brand', 'China's forklift industry's most influential brand' and the Ministry of Commerce 'focus on cultivating and developing the export famous brand', 'China well-known trademark' honor. Users by China quality inspection association committee rated as 'national customer satisfaction products, won the' national customer satisfaction services and the title of 'national customer satisfaction enterprise, our company in shenzhen for heli forklift aftermarket, various types of models for lithium batteries, has a very rich experience in technology, installation, sales and after-sale integration, heli forklift battery is relatively early products at home, as the market diversification, battery production technology formula is updated constantly, battery life is more and more strong, widely get logistics companies, warehouses, factories, freight companies such as recognition. 80 v forklift battery is not see, because to 48 v small tonnage forklift with more, in domestic, the newsletter rev, torch and other leading lithium battery forklift brand to give priority to. An excerpt
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